Rawkahh! Launch

Grab what you can and head to space!



  • 6x Character cards
  • 6x Engine
  • 6x Navigation system
  • 8x Scrap Metal
  • 12pc Red crystals
  • 12pc Blue crystals
  • 10pc Black crystals
  • 6pc 8 sided dice
  • 1x dart board


  • 6x Main body
  • 6x Escape Pod
  • 16x Rubbles
  • 12x Ration
  • 12pc Green crystals
  • 10pc grey crystals
  • 4x Doomsday
  • 6x Action card


How to play

To win the game by leaving the planet with most points before the meteor hits the planet!

Each player gets 6 game cards and an action card, while the crystals are store in the tin

Depending on how many players are playing, 2-5 game cards will be dealt in the center

All players can choose to scavenge for materials or raid other player’s warehouse by showing their action card altogether
Players that are aiming for the same card during scavenging needs to battle each other to win the card
There are 3 mini games to choose for battle!

At the diplomacy phrase, players can trade/forge/assemble/mine

The game will end in 3 turns when 2 “Doomsday” card are dealt

Players that are able to build a spaceship can tally up the points and the most points wins!

Make allies or betray them! There could be 2 or more winners or no one wins!