Rawkahh! Oops

Match the characters and yell first!



  • 9x Character cards
  • 45x Game cards
  • 4pc 8 sided dice




How to play

  1. Draw 4 characters and place on the side
  2. A starting player can choose 1 of 3 actions
          A. Redraw the 1 to 4 character cards
          B. Challenge a player to win their card by playing the mini games
          C. Flip a game card to start the fun!
  3. If there is a matching character between the character card and game card, players can yell the character names/species to win the card
  4. When 2 or more players yell the correct match at the same time, we can refer this as “collide”
    These players need to quickly yell “Oops!” and yell the matching names again
    The player who is left standing wins the card!
  5. Players that yells the wrong match will be disqualified for that round and if they are disqualified for 3 rounds in a roll, they lose 1 card